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Dragoman's translation portal helps you save money and time. Submit a file at any time of the day or night to immediately receive a quote and initiate translation. We have qualified translators and copy-editors in Turkish, English, German, French, Arabic, Russian and 80 other languages. 

This portal gives you access to hundreds of qualified translators and copy-editors in 80+ languages. We are experts in website localization, app & games localization, video localization and transcreation of corporate communications and PR material. Depending on your service level agreement, you can use an automated or semi-automated service. Automated means your job request goes to a pool of linguists based on pre-determined assignment rules. Semi-automated means our project managers hand-pick the right team for you. 

Hiring us for video localization, on-site or remote interpreting or a mission-critical corporate communication task guarantees satisfaction, perfection and superior language quality.

We offer you a choice of different translation quality & pricing options tailored to your needs. You can select the perfect one for your communication with business partners, product descriptions and emails to prospects, each time reducing the translation costs and accessing to the better translation quality.

Dragoman is a trusted languages services provider for over 500 corporations worldwide. 

Why work with Dragoman?

Why drive Mercedes, why wear Prada or why drink Champagne? When it comes to prestige, we all know what to choose, don't we? And if we must shortlist reasons:

  • Dragoman is industry 4.0 ready with AI, mobile and cloud
  • Our team is cool and happy in 80+ languages
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed 100%
  • Our services are tailored for your needs

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